We went out to the Caf

Dream big Yu

Miao Pei jumped off after thirty seconds, the car will hit a bridge column, shock wave will lift to fly in to her, for a long time, she woke up from a coma, he found a broken rib.
But she did not dare to stop, struggling to get up, just open a car. Back to the villa, after she finished dressing room Jianhuan consciousness to care to go, but was stopped by Mr. Butler: "now is not convenient company registry hong kong."
In fact, Pei Miao heard from the door behind the woman enchanting a gasp, hear people blush, Gu Jianhuan has never been a restrained man, what type of woman he has dabbled, once met a Miao Pei just won the best actress actress.
The housekeeper critically Pei Pei Miao Miao, silent, or kick the door open. Woman in bed with a scream, cover the chest, Gu Jianhuan turned to see her, smiled and said: "Miao Miao, you come back."
Miao Pei ah sound, went straight to the wall, will expand their folding bed lay down. This is her eccentricities, must sleep in Gu Jianhuan. Gu Jianhuan didn't mind, kiss the neck beauty body, beauty a sensational sound. He went to look for light, Pei Miaozheng lying there, hand in the lower abdomen, even frown not move dermes vs medilase.
Suddenly melancholy, Gu Jianhuan waved his hand, beauty cleverly picked up the clothes left. He also came up, picked up the Pei seedlings thrown into the bed. The bed is very soft, like falling into a fall in the cloud, Miao Pei opened his eyes, amber eyes glowed Jianhuan gu. She is like a delicate beauty like, not walk, can let people play.
My heart suddenly appeared to be hidden, Gu Jianhuan grabbed her jaw, mercilessly kiss. Her lips dry up because of blood loss, but still soft and sweet. The moonlight shines on her face, outline the quiet quiet soft shadow, she stared at him, eyes clearly reflects his shadow, but like others dermes.
"What are you looking at?" He asked in a low voice. "Just look at me, you know?"
Miao Pei did not speak, let him viciously kissing, only when he met his wounds, she can't help humming sound, the sound hoarse with a touch of sweet, but more and more summon spirits. For a long time, Gu Jianhuan went to take a bath, Miao Pei quietly lying in bed, staring at the ceiling on complicated patterns carved eyes, silent.