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Ghost story

Once the spirits came, the ghost story about the lights.

This is the story of my friend 's friend ground transfers in Hong Kong.

In particular, he stressed that it is true that happened to him in the story:

Because of the work relationship, I often have to drive late at night from the north to Yilan Highway.

North of the road is the name of the haunted place, especially at night through the nine bend 18 Shui Po, all the way some people throwing sprinkle paper, that atmosphere, the living is the feeling of the underworld.

At that time, Taiwan had haunted rumors from south to north.

Some people say it is a conspiracy of the Chinese Communist Party, others insist that there is really a ghost Trip to Hong Kong & China.

I was a timid person, listen to more haunted stories, driving the middle of the night in the North to the highway, it is nervous.

I was worried about what suddenly ran out of the road, or the engine suddenly stopped.

I have tried to open a large radio sound courage, but the mountains often receive bad, those if not like some noise is Jiaoren uncomfortable.

Ever since I heard the sound of the ghost will come out from the radio inside, I was afraid to open the radio ... ...

In short, I not only did not go because of the night at home and become more used to, but more and more allergies, my subconscious seems convinced that one day I will encounter a ghost Новости туризма.

It happened that late at night, I was still driving alone.

I remember the car after a small village, that small village although there are several families, but no one turn on the lights.

After the village, I just feel the atmosphere is very strange, it did not take long, I saw a girl in front of a white dress, facing my car waving.

Really, my heart almost jumped out from the mouth.

At that time my mood is very complex, I unknowingly slow down the speed.

On the one hand, I suspect that he is not looking away?

On the other hand, I also watch out for her to rush over or suddenly make any action.

Special heavy fog that day, I drove high beam, close to the discovery that it was a girl with long hair, the wind was her hair flying in the sky.

The more I want to feel more wrong, just want to step on the full throttle to escape, only to find that girl still holding a baby.

This can make my heart struggling.

I thought to the middle of the night, in case there is urgent need to hitchhiking mother, then how can we do?

In the car passing the woman less than ten meters or so, I finally rebelled, but driven by conscience, forced to step on the brakes.

Headlights according to the front, after the car black paint black and white, and can not see anything.

I only heard the woman running from the rear of the car, and then the door open sound, a cool breeze channeling in, followed by the door and closed, so I start the car again.

I doom to move forward, do not know why, from start to finish, the woman did not tell me a word.

I tried to talk to her, she did not answer.

Only to hear the voice of the baby after the baby sleepy teeth.

May be remembered the head lotus from the hell to save the mother can not turn back the story, my whole body creepy, and even look back at the courage did not.

I just remember to stepped on the gas, the car opened the sooner the faster.

Such as sky light, the car finally around the mountains, I have the courage to look back.

This look incredible, there is no woman in the back seat, leaving only a sleeping baby.

My whole body scorched, hurried to the police to open the police report, and the child to the police.

The whole morning I have no intention to work, the woman inside the mountain in the end who is?

Is a dead mother? Or is it a pregnant woman?

Behind her is a desolate love story?

... I almost imagined all possible versions.

Until noon break time, I could not help, and dialed the phone to the police to concern.

I did not expect, I explained what he wanted, the police at the beginning is a curse:

"What do you do ah, people mother put your child in your car, back to get luggage, you see do not see, opened the car and ran, causing the mother to get anxious to find a child everywhere, crying swollen eyes."